Need to remove makeup, even without makeup 

More and more friends ask me, why do I need to remove makeup without makeup? Isn’t this a waste? I have been busy lately. Today I will give a detailed answer to this question.

First of all, we need to understand the effect of makeup remover, makeup remover can thoroughly clean the skin, thoroughly remove makeup, it is the foundation of beauty. Ordinary facial cleansers can only clean the surface, I believe everyone knows. Every part of our body is full of pores. The pore refers to the opening of the hair follicle. It is the common opening of the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland and has specific physiological functions. In addition to being the most well-known “hair-growth pore”, pores have many important functions. Among them, the deepest feeling is that they can excrete sebaceous secretions. These secretions may not be discharged by themselves. Some of the residual secretions will still remain in the pores. At the same time, even if we sit quietly at home, there will still be some fine dust around your skin, clogging the pores. If you clean it Improper pores can be enlarged. The basal layer of the epidermis continuously produces cells and transports them to the upper layer. After the cells are aged, if the skin is not cleaned carefully, the metabolism will not be smooth and will not fall off as scheduled, resulting in the expansion of pores. The reason why your pores are enlarged is the result of long-term residues of sebum and dirt that have not been removed. The biggest reason for this result is that the makeup removal steps were not completely executed. So makeup remover is more than just removing makeup, it is more about cleaning and unclogging pores.

For example: if the pores are blocked, it is like a tube that transports nutrients to the skin is blocked. Even if you use good and expensive skin care products, these nutrients cannot enter the skin. The skin will not get nourishment but instead It will become more clogged, which is why I recommend that you remove makeup as the first step in skin care. Makeup removal is not to remove loneliness, but to remove things we don’t need.

Makeup removal steps:
1. Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover and apply it evenly on the face and neck with a cotton pad or fingertips, and gently massage in a circular motion.
2. Rinse it with water or cotton pad according to the guidelines of the makeup remover.
Note: If the makeup remover needs clean water, it is best to clean it thoroughly with warm water. Some makeup removers do not support eyes and lips, please pay attention to identification.

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Note: After removing makeup, use facial cleanser to cleanse if necessary. Sunscreen products, barrier products, BB cream, etc. penetrate into the skin and must be removed.