Syrian children in front of the camera: childhood nowhere to rest 

The Syrian crisis is like a black hole. It sucks everything and severely squeezes the living space of children.
The children’s hearts are like glass, and they do not conceal their happiness and fear; their eyes are like bright mirrors, reflecting the beauty and ugliness of the outside world. In this adult world, how do we keep this innocent heart always shining in the sun, so that there is no trace of haze in the clear eyes?
Today’s article, what Jingjian recommends to you is a work by Huan Xiang, a reporter from the Syrian branch of the People’s Daily-“Raise your hands, there is nowhere to put your childhood.”
Should have grown up carefree, Mustafa took the burden of life prematurely. His companions may have been victims of war, but those who have survived like him are gradually sliding into the black hole of crisis. Artillery fires, relatives leave, prices are rising, malnutrition… This black hole sucks everything and severely squeezes the living space of Syrian children. In front of it, they have nowhere to escape.
A photographer posted a picture of “Little Hudia” on his Twitter, stating that “the photographer took pictures of the Syrian child. She thought the camera he was holding was a weapon, so she surrendered.”
Four-year-old Hudia may not know that a photo made her an “Internet celebrity.” In front of the camera of Turkish photographer Osman, the young refugee from Hama, Syria, raised his hands high, clenched into fists, his face solemn, and seemed to be “surrendering.” In this regard, Osman later interpreted: “I used a telephoto lens at the time, and she thought it was a gun. Later when I looked at the photos, I realized she was scared.”