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December 13 of the Nanjing Massacre by the National Mourning Day difficult

December 13 each year to the Nanjing Massacre difficult by the National Mourning Day, do not forget national humiliation. . Previously I have been "forgotten, generous," the idea of the difference between the Japanese things do not always thinking about them a lot better than the rest of the product is this the only reason. But Japan's recent behavior makes me more angry, why people can be so? Starting today, I will not buy Japanese products, by the way announced at our daily use of Japanese brands: Panasonic, Canon, Epson, Shu Uemura (made in Japan, is now being L'Oreal acquired), DHC, SKII (production, now being acquired P & G Japan) , Kose, Toyota, Suzuki, Nippon paint, Fuji. What does stand on national affairs ethnic hatred, I stand at a position of their own, so the nation out of something, I can not find a reason to go buy and support.

  • Household appliances and office workers Equipment:

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  • Japan quibble

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Wei Yi coffin at a press conference held on February 26, 2014 morning, the NPC Standing Committee, China will set up the Nanjing Massacre occurred in December 13 each year for the draft, "the National Mourning Day" has expressed: China's questioned the intention of why 69 years after the war, the establishment of the National Mourning day doubts. Called the "Nanjing Massacre" as the "Nanjing incident," questioned the argument 300,000 deaths, sophistry, said the death toll was unidentifiable, disguised denied the "Nanjing Massacre."

  • International criticism

The international community highly concerned about China Chinese People's OK to legislate War Victory Day and the establishment of the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, believe that this approach is significant.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that the Japanese people ready to focus Nanjing massacre, said the Chinese National People's Congress annual September 3 identified as "Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Victory Day", the annual December 13 as the "Nanjing Massacre victims of the country public memorial day. "Is to "show the firm position of the Chinese people and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity and world peace, promote patriotism as the core of the great national spirit."

The Associated Press published an article entitled China says Japan as "troublemakers," the report, reported that China proposed the War Victory Day and the Nanjing Massacre memorial service date news. The Associated Press quoted the Xinhua News Agency reported that the purpose of this decision is to expose the Japanese atrocities in World War II, while commemorating the Chinese people to resist aggression spirit.

Agence France-Presse reports entitled "China intends to set up the War Victory Day ceremony for the Nanjing Massacre Day", said in Japan on historical issues and territorial disputes and tensions on the occasion, China is considering the establishment of the Nanjing War Victory Day Holocaust memorial service day. Battle of Nanjing schematic reported that visits to the Yasukuni Shrine further deterioration of Sino-Japanese relations. Chinese leaders decided to establish public memorial day practice is the intention to expose the results of World War II Japanese leaders tried to overthrow the idea.

UPI reported in the United States, but also introduces the establishment of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Victory Day and the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day historical background. Bloomberg News reports that some Japanese right-wingers "totally deny the Nanjing Massacre." Reported that the Japanese government in 2012 announced the "purchase" of the Diaoyu Islands is a Sino-Japanese relations began to deteriorate in the root cause.

United States, "Wall Street Journal" website published a lengthy story about the Nanjing Massacre. When talking about the article emphasizes the Nanjing Massacre, the Japanese "commit great crimes is obvious."

Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao," reported that the decision to determine the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese legislation Victory Day is to "focus reflect the will of the Chinese people to remember history, not forgetting the past, cherish peace and create the future"; the establishment of the Nanjing Massacre victims countries public memorial day is to mourn the dead and "expose the Japanese invaders war crimes", "keep in mind that aggression to the Chinese people and people around the world caused by the calamities that the Chinese people against aggression, defend human dignity, safeguarding world peace firm position. "

Philippines "World News" published an editorial that China is determined Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Victory Day and the establishment of the Nanjing Massacre victims of the Nanjing Massacre major national public places Figure memorial day decisions of great practical and far-reaching historical significance. The editorial said that the history of many countries shows that only remember history, especially the painful lesson to inspire people to work hard, good governance, to prevent the ravages of careerist again by militarism.

Japan, "Asahi Shimbun" reported that China would anniversaries of historical events between Japan and China is determined and established as a national memorial day, not only from China showed the national level, but also to expose and criticize the extensive history of Abe regime in the international community understanding. Japanese political commentator, said Jiro Benzer, facing danger trends Abe regime victim should nationals tangible history education. China has chosen this time to determine the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Victory Day and the establishment of the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, is once again against the Japanese attitude toward imperialism clearly demonstrated. This is also issuing appeals to the Japanese people that the Japanese people to reflect on the history of the Chinese people and the Japanese people to join hands in the wrong direction for Japanese politics to say "no" and jointly safeguard regional and world peace.

German anti-fascist coalition main 87-year-old World War II Omar XiFuEr g · Harnisch survivors, witnesses. He said that China's War of Resistance against Japanese aggression against China, a stop, which should determine an anniversary. China this approach is correct, and it is very respected.

Former mayor of Nuremberg, Nuremberg - Erlangen Confucius Institute senior adviser hoon DoctorLai Speaking Chinese National People's Congress to determine the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, said he is very much agree, this allows more people to remember live these innocent victims of military aggression. He said that the Germans after World War II, vowed never experienced battles, while Japan's use of force is slowly being accepted by the community. If the rise of Japanese militarism, would be a dangerous signal.

Bavaria Germany Economic Cultural Association General Geiger determined to China and the establishment of public memorial day Memorial Day said he fully agreed with legislation, he said, "to make this form of commemoration is very important, otherwise the future of many young people may no longer remember this history. "He said that the Japanese prime minister visited the Yasukuni Shrine greatly hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. Understand this history of any one German will not support such behavior in Japan.

Poland but Gdansk University of East Asian Studies Center, Professor Martha Cely Bull del Chomsky believes that determine the War Victory Day and the establishment of the Nanjing Massacre the National Mourning Day is intended to remember history, educating future generations, warning society should allow people and around the world a sense of justice, peace-loving people can remember this history, keeping in mind the lesson of blood, so that future generations can do learning of the past.

Wave Friendship Association president, former Polish ambassador Goral red gram, said the establishment of the anniversary, is to remember history, cherish the maintenance of peace.

New York political commentator Fang Yan said that China is determined and set up "two days" of great significance, not only to remind people not to forget national humiliation, but also sounded the alarm for Japan, warning Abe Chinese government must not allow Japan to distort, subvert and distort history. Also made it clear to the international community in the historical truth, help people around the world keep their eyes open, oppose revival of Japanese militarism.

Indonesia, India, China Forum President, cultural scholar Yu wheat wind that China is determined and established by legislative means "two days" is very necessary. In particular, Abe's approach is to distort history and China do to arouse people's understanding and understanding. Under the current international situation shows that China's solemn attitude is correct and timely.

Professor, University of Munich, Germany, before Hu Yun said the Chinese people for the victory of the world anti-fascist war, made a significant contribution to the identification and establishment of "two days" for carrying forward the spirit of ethnic Chinese people love peace and keep in mind the history of Japanese militarist aggression is important, Asian countries and the international community would oppose aggression, and safeguarding world peace movement has played a positive role model.

President of the Canadian Federation of Ottawa Chinese ZHAO Bing Chi said the Chinese people rose up against the Japanese, with their blood and lives of millions of our compatriots in exchange for the final victory, reversing the fate of the Chinese nation, but also made a significant contribution to world peace. Today Japanese right-wing forces are trying to beautify the invasion of China, the restoration of militarism moment by Chinese National People's Congress made "two decisions" have a significant age and historical significance, to remind the world that history can not be forgotten, not war happen again, not allow the revival of militarism.

UK overseas Chinese Chinese Reunification single president whispered to determine legislation and the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Victory Day set up the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, which is to expose the crimes of the Japanese aggressors the most effective way, bearing in mind Japan aggression caused to the Chinese people and the people of the world a heavy disaster irrefutable evidence.

Chinese Li Xiaodong Poland for the establishment of the Nanjing Massacre victims, said the National Mourning Day very much agree. In Japan, the rise of right-wing militarist situation, set up by the state ceremony for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre Day is very necessary. To let more people know about this history, remember this history, cherish peace and better life.

Bangladesh Overseas yangyingpeng say, OK, and the establishment of the National Mourning Day and anniversaries can enhance the spirit of patriotism of the Chinese nation, encourage the revival of Chinese dream common struggle. Overseas Chinese in Chao said, very much in favor of new initiatives the country. Learning from history can know the rise and fall, every Chinese citizen should not forget the humiliation of history, harmony and stability can not forget today is how life comes from.

Representatives of overseas Chinese in Australia meeting in Sydney, firmly support the Chinese National People's Congress legislation to determine the War Victory Day and the establishment of the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day.


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